We are happy to announce two new podcasts starting March 1st 2022: I’m Super Serious and Cannadine Research.

  • The I’m Super Serious podcast is a show where I talk about various fictional ideas and stories with my deliciously alluring dark voice. Bathe in the waters of my mind and soul with the I’m Super Serious podcast.
  • The Cannadine Research podcast features once-lost transmissions geared towards educating and informing survivors who have survived the Secular Ascension Event. The Cannadine Research podcast is a part of the Blue Merrel Project.

Both podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, and Player FM. New episodes are planned to be released on these services every Tuesday and Thursday.


  • Room 49B June 19, 2022
    This episode is about a particular room in a motel in Idaho. The room holds unusual mystery and intrigue. Learn about the motel, it's unusual room numbering system, and be taken to the scene of what slowly unravels into a strange conundrum that will have you gripping your nails into your palms. 
  • The Rabbit and The Acorn June 9, 2022
    This story features the unusual relationship between a rabbit and an acorn. Their lives know no bounds. Their connection is as true as the sunset. The rich dark forest they reside in feeds them with numerous memorable adventures that will never be forgotten. Join them on a path of trust, fear, and danger that will […]
  • License Plate Blocking June 9, 2022
    Good day. I hope you are well. We dive into a interesting topic and a silly trend of license plate blocking, which appears to be getting more popular. Retailers across the internet are selling items designed to purposely block the view of a license plate. Why, though? For profit? Well, of course. Is this a […]
  • Scarlet Rot IRL Pt 3 June 1, 2022
    Ah yes: Scarlet Rot. We take a look at the in-real-life version Scarlet Rot for the third episode in a row. However, in this episode, the graveyard red butterflies take center stage. These butterflies have surprisingly started a small movement that has even garnered the attention of local police. Oh no.Let us learn more about […]
  • Scarlet Rot IRL Pt 2 May 26, 2022
    Let us dive a little more into the world of Scarlet Rot, in the fictional and non-fictional realms. We will also talk about a lone fan of the game where the disease originated, and her fatal mistake of ultimate fandom. Scarlet Rot kills, but can it make one reborn?
  • Scarlet Rot IRL May 20, 2022
    What would happen if the fictional Scarlet Rot disease from the video game Elden Ring became a real disease that afflicted real people? Well, this may have actually happened. Let us explore what exactly Scarlet Rot is, and what fans have done to bring it into the real world, with fatal consequences.
  • The Moon Push Project May 12, 2022
    In this episode we talk about a company that is currently working hard on actually pushing the moon further away from the earth for the sole goal of extending the duration of each day we experience. How are they doing this exactly?
  • The Candle of Wake May 10, 2022
    Explore with us an interesting invention designed to wake you up in a unique way. With the combination of multiple cameras and lasers, the Candle of Wake will wake you up every single time you need to be up with no issues. It is also more effective than a regular alarm! 
  • Jurassic Tastes: World's First Dino Meat Resturant Pt 2 May 6, 2022
    We learn a bit more about the newly created restaurant Jurassic Tastes and what's behind their unique lab grown meat offerings. Would you eat lab grown meat based off of actual fossilized dinosaur DNA, or is it just a sham?
  • Jurassic Tastes: World's First Dino Meat Resturant May 4, 2022
    Let us examine a new restaurant that has just opened up in New York City called Jurassic Tastes. This restaurant uses DNA samples found from fossilized dinosaurs to create lab grown dinosaur meat. How does this process work, and what dinosaurs are being featured?


  • Transmission Thirty One October 5, 2022
    Red Sectors are able to accomplish so much largely due to the fact that they have strong support within our federal government. We will put a focus on the corrupt politicians who have chosen money over life. Their names will be known. Shout their names from the rooftops. Expose the dirt that they feed us. 
  • Transmission Thirty September 28, 2022
    We are back. After an eventful hiatus, we have returned after we were temporarily shut down. We aren't going to stay down. So, we are continuing our transmissions to help survivors in all areas. Why were we shut down in the first place? Let us examine the issue in this transmission…
  • Transmission Twenty-Nine June 19, 2022
    The recent unprecedented attack on Atlanta by Red Sector criminals has proven our strength, after the last Secular Ascension Event. Even though many lives were lost, the fight for what is true and right remains sturdy. We will put everything we have against these horrid infections on society: Red Sectors individuals. We are here for […]
  • Transmission Twenty-Eight June 3, 2022
    Our Wanted Program is achieving leaps and bounds. Through this program, we have caught an incredible large amount of Red Sector criminals. The work that you, our survivors, are putting in to report and locate Red Sector criminals and suspects is proving its worth by making non-Red Sector territories considerably more safer. Our progress would not […]
  • Transmission Twenty-Seven June 1, 2022
    In this transmission, let us review the responses from our last, and most recent Cordeff Resonance. It is also important to reiterate several safety procedures for this Cordeff Resonance to prevent injuries or fatalities. As a reminder, we are not responsible for any injuries or fatalities that may occur with improper exposure to the Cordeff […]
  • Transmission Twenty-Six May 26, 2022
    Our new Cordeff Resonance is currently being circulated among survivors. In this transmission, we reiterate several safety protocols that some survivors are not following. It is imperative that you only playback the Resonance on proper devices, at proper decibels, and also at the proper playback speed. This information is reviewed and discussed in this transmission. […]
  • Transmission Twenty-Five May 20, 2022
    We introduce a second and more reliable Cordeff Resonance in this transmission that is 40% more reliable than the previously released Resonance. Please ensure you play back this Resonance at the proper speed for full effectiveness and safety. 
  • Transmission Twenty-Four May 12, 2022
    The success of the Cannadine Research and Technology group is proving to help survivors in tremendous ways. Our advances in technology are driven by the many donated cadavers and eye balls. We are still accepting more donations. We will stop another Secular Ascension Event from taking place.
  • Transmission Twenty-Three May 10, 2022
    In this transmission, we go over the specific safe transmissions that you should be tuning to, as well as the un-safe transmission frequencies that red sector criminals have taken over. There has also been an influx of break-ins with a focus on device tampering, to harm the end listener. 
  • Transmission Twenty-Two May 6, 2022
    The last secular ascension event we all experienced recently has changed the course of humanity. It has moved and affected every walk of life. It is undeniable of the power and force it has brought upon our earth. We are here as a guiding hand for survivors. These broadcasts are your gateway towards a better […]

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